Lions Club of Sunbury Inc

District 201V1-4 Victoria Australia



ABOVE: Each year Sunbury Lions, with the help of local businesses, sell Lions Christmas cakes to raise funds.

LIONS CLUB of SUNBURY INC, like every other Lions Club, has numerous projects and fundraising activities to help local, national, and international communities.

The club regularly holds sausage sizzles at Bunnings and other locations.

We have donated to Sunbury residents in need of support, aided the local CFA with a heat-seeking camera, and donated funds to numerous charitable and community organisations.

Sunbury Lions set up and for many years ran the Lions Club of Sunbury Elderly People's Home (now Sunbury Lions Community Aged Care) in Timins St, Sunbury via a management committee.



In the months prior to Christmas Sunbury Lions sell Lions Christmas Cakes to raise funds for important projects. If you want to help us, either by buying cakes or maybe helping to sell cakes through a business, please make contact. We will appreciate your support.

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